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This is a real test in loyalty to my own principles. About a month ago a local grocery store (which has gas pumps out front) ran a special where you could buy $100 in gift cards for various chain stores and they would give you $1 per gallon off a tank of gas. I knew what I wanted to get hubby for Christmas so I got a $100 gift card for that store, collected my $1.85 per gallon tank of gas, then tucked the gift card away for when I'd do my Christmas shopping. The problem? The damn gift card is for Lowes!

A month ago shopping at Lowes was no problem. Now, I wouldn't be caught dead in a Lowes because of their assinine, weak-willed, lilly-livered, xenophobic actions in aligning themselves with a fringe Christian!Hate Group. I can tell myself that the money is already spent, the gift card just allows me to go to Lowes and pick up what I've already bought. The problem is I would be embarassed to be seen in a Lowes store now. Ordering online isn't an option 1 day before Christmas. Plus, I don't want to add to any aggregate statistics of how many people are still shopping at Lowes.

I was hoping to wait for them to back down from the uproar, but the latest statement today is that Lowes is sticking to their guns on their decision to withdraw advertising from an American-Islamic tv show because of the complaints of a fringe hate group. So I guess in the morning it is off to Home Depot I go (their main competitor, for my non-American friends) to go shopping. Or better yet, the local Ace Hardware.


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